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HiTECH Newsletter – The 2017 NE China-Business forum

The annual North-East (NE) China Business Forum is well known for its exciting high level talks on innovation collaboration between China and North-East UK. This year is no exception, where numerous thought provoking high-level talks were presented by eminent keynote speakers and entrepreneurs to a diverse group of audiences from government, industry, businesses and academia.

Of interest, were talks by Hexis Lab’s tech manager, Dr. Glen Kemp on use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to screen and develop new healthcare products, as well as talks by Chinese Embassy’s Minister Counsellor in Science and Technology, Sunan Jiang, on introducing insightful recent development and market trends in China. Perhaps unsurprisingly to many, the latter talk further highlighted the tremendous broad scope of developmental areas ranging from manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare, digital media, rural transformation, aerospace technology to material science, agrotechnology, artificial intelligence and HiSpeed Rail, where innovation is in high demand and opportunities are rife.

Other interesting talks included those by the Chair of Soil machine dynamic’s Andrew Hodgson, who highlighted how China and UK could bolster collaboration by fostering better education programs to promote stronger and better mutual understanding of the Chinese-UK culture. Andrew, alongside Professor George Marston (Pro-vice chancellor of research and innovation of Northumbria university) and Professor John Wilson (Pro-vice chancellor of Northumbria University), have further given an inspiring presentation on the role of North-East (NE) UK universities in strengthening Chinese-UK collaboration, and how higher education of NE-UK universities can be further improved to enable this in an increasingly globalised world.

Another key event highlight is the sheer number of organizations, each with their own unique idea and method of fostering and enabling China-UK collaboration. These include a London-based incubation centre called Cocoon Networks, which aims to offers UK based entrepreneurs end-to-end advisory services (i.e. on fundraising, legal, mentoring, expansion strategies, IP management) to assist them in breaking into the China market. Similarly, the Chinese association of international exchange also announced the running of the largest international exchange program in ShenZhen city in late 2017, where over 1000 organisations involved with UK-China collaboration on various level will be present. Perhaps more intriguingly, is TsingHua University Science Park (TUS)’s vision and long term goal to leverage the strength of its currently established incubation centre to help transform its local surroundings into a science city.  

In addition to the talks, the forum also offered ample networking opportunity for attendants to speak with the presenters to explore further potential scope for collaboration. In summary, the NE China forum has highlighted key themes focusing on NE UK-China collaborations on both the market and technology front, and in the process, gave its audiences a much better understanding of the current business and R&D environmental surrounding current parallel developments in both NE-UK and China.


Leeds Recruitment Fair of Beihang University

On 28th February 2017, Leeds Recruitment Fair of Beihang University took place at Leeds University. The event was organized by Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Biomedical Engineering and relevant schools and co-organized by HiTECH Innovation Forum Leeds Branch and Leeds CAAS Association. The event was held by Professor Lijun Xu, Dean of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering, Professor Jianwei Liu, Party Secretary of School of Electronic Engineering, Professor Weifeng Lv, Dean of School of Computer Sciences and Professor Baoqing Pei, Vice Dean of School of Biological Engineering. The event attracted nearly 50 Chinese academics and research students from Leeds, Sheffield and York to join.

Professor Lijun Xu showed the attendees with a documentary to showcase the long history and promising future of Beihang University. He further introduced the policy of four types of young talents and “one-hundred great minds.” He also elaborated in detail the subject and talents development of the School. Professor Pei explained the updated research fruits of biological engineering, biological medicine and medicine robots and future prospects of the related subjects. He also introduced Beihang University Vision Forum for International Young Scholars. Professor Liu introduced the subjects’ development and research appliances of the School of Electronic Engineering with humorous manner and explains the integration and security in the research. Professor Lv explained in detail the academic group, development and talents intake policy of the School of Computing Sciences. The event concluded with a close interactive talk.

The excellent academia and students to participate into the events include Dr. Li Zhang, Associate Professor of School of Electronics Engineering, Miss. Ying Wang, President of HiTECH Innovation Forum Leeds Branch and Mr. Junfan Lin, President of Leeds CAAS Association.

The successful Leeds Recruitment Fair of Beihang University not only showcased the top-notched academic staff, research platform and talents introduction that Beihang University boasts. It also inspired Leeds University students to move toward successful careers.