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China – UK HiSTAR Innovation & Entrepreneurship Final

On August 20th, China-UK HiSTAR Innovation & Entrepreneurship Final has completed successfully in University College London in UK. Experts and scholars from famous university institutions, top high-tech companies, well-known investment companies gathered together for the final match to enjoy the feast of hi-tech projects.

Ms Xuelin Li (China-UK HiSTAR Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition Organizing Committee Chairman), Mr Sunan Jiang (Technology Department Minister Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in the UK), Mr Xu Jin (Economic and Commercial Minister Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in the UK), and Professor Yinshan Tang (Vice President of Henley Business School, Reading University) shared with guests their expert viewpoint on the most cutting-edge high-tech field.

The competition is an entrepreneurial competitive activity integrating business model development and promoting investment connection, exploring innovation & entrepreneurship for young researchers, seeking opportunities for deep communication between Chinese investors and British high-tech entrepreneurs.

The 10 projects entering the final are environmental adhesive, sewage treatment, tax refund APP, stroke prediction, sewage treatment plant, gingival health, tourism APP, smart communication signal analyzer, wearable / portable continuous biochemistry sensors, computer-assisted surgery, covering frontier technology area, including healthcare, engineering, chemical engineering, software and hardware, etc.

As the organizer, China-UK HiTECH Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum focuses on high-tech innovation & entrepreneurship, providing resource services for young science researchers and entrepreneurs, aiming to build a VC platform that knows about the best of high-tech.

China-UK HiTECH Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum has become the biggest real-name interactive network community of Chinese innovation & entrepreneurship in the UK.


HiSTAR│Business BootCamp was held successfully

On July 16th, China-UK HiTECH Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum and UK-China Economic and Cultural Promotion Association, associated with Henley Business School, Newcastle Business School, Oxford University Technology Transfer Center, Cambridge China Consulting Co., Ltd, RTC Innovation, Cambridge China Academy of Innovation, successfully held a business bootcamp for HiSTAR players in Oxford University.

The first part of the business bootcamp is basic course, followed by how to connect perfectly with China in innovation & entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, players entered semi-final was reviewed respectively; HiSTAR projects earned high recognition for their high-technology, business model as well as team building.


The 1st Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Entrepreneurship Conference Completed Successfully

On December 17th, the 3rd China (Hangzhou) Mobile Internet Conference – The 1st Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Entrepreneurship Conference completed successfully. It was co-hosted by Modern Service Industry of National Ministry of Science & Technology and Gonghoo Community, associated with China-UK HiTECH Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum, Hangzhou Technology Society of Mobile Internet, Hangzhou Computer Society as well as Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center of Zhejiang University. Professor Guangnan Ni, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering & First Chief Engineer of Lenovo Group, attended the conference and delivered a speech. More than a thousand people involving domestic higher-ups in mobile internet field, veteran investors, well-known entrepreneurs, and representatives of relevant associations attended the conference.

1 (4).png

The conference consists of three sub-forums, in which Mr. Mingxiao Wu (Founder of GM Investment, Chinese Capital Tycoon, ST Leader), Mr. Suyang Zhang (Founding Partner of Volcanics Venture), Mr. Yang Wang (President of Cybernaut, Former Global Vice President of IBM), Mr. Peimin Zong (Board Chairman of Huarui Investment Group), Mr. Huai Wang (Founding Partner of Linear Venture), Mr. Gang Liang (Founding Partner of HaiBang Venture), Mr. Sicheng Zhang (President of Tencent Cloud), Mr. Haibin Chen (Board Chairman of Dian Diagnostics), and Mr. Hang Ge (President of B-Soft) delivered a keynote speech.

With the theme of technology innovation, the main forum probed into the development tendency of information safety, mobile internet, cloud computing and new retail; Mobile Finance started from internet thinking and discussed the diversity of mobile financial innovation thinking; the 1st Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Entrepreneurship Conference focused on returnees entrepreneurship and dug deeply the opportunities and challenges of multinational technology innovation and entrepreneurship in international market; CCF YOCSEF Mobile Health Innovation Forum considered mobile medical treatment and created a new pattern of healthcare in internet era.

The returnee talents entrepreneurship conference was undertaken by China-UK HiTECH Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum. During the roadshow section, 8 innovative projects from North America, Europe, Austria and Asia sought domestic investment by project presentation and communication with investors.

1 (2).png

Professor Defeng Wang (Director of Image Information Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong) – Surgery Navigation Robot

1 (27).png

Doctor Dongge Li (Expert of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts) – AirMove Input Technique

1 (22).png

Doctor Leifa Fan (Bioengineering in Federal university of Parana, Brazil) – Guxiang Coffee

During the roundtable section, Mr. Gang Liang (Founding Partner & President of HaiBang Venture), Mr. Yi Wang (VC Fund Managing Director of JD Capital), Mr. Jianjun Dai (Founding Partner of HiTECH), Mr. Guozhong Hu (Vice President of Legend Star), Mr. Bin Zhuge (Founding Partner of Houda Fund), Ms. Li Zhou (Board Chairman of Lebang Medical), Mr. Xuanming Chen (Board Chairman of Zhongjinjiahe) gave their advice respectively in light of the problems that returnees met during entrepreneurial process.

1 (7).png

As a city of history & culture, creativity, international trade and ecological civilization, Hangzhou has become one of the most dynamic innovation cities in China. In the era of Post-G20, Hangzhou is building China’s “Silicon Valley” with the agglomeration advantages of excellent talents from Zhejiang University, returnees and Zhejiang entrepreneurs.


Snow night of February 10th saw the celebration of the Lantern Festival held by HiTech


Innovation and Oxford Chinese Life Scientists Society (OCLSS). Chinese students and scholars in life science, as well as guests from industry, gathered in Richard Doll Building, old road campus to enjoyed the wonderful moment.

Oxfordshire, based on the University, is an internationally recognized centre of excellence for biomedical and clinical research and technology transfer. Among academics, researchers, clinicians, industry participants and entrepreneurs, the contribution of Chinese is obvious. At the night, we were honored to have professors from University of Oxford, entrepreneurs from local Biotech companies, and Technology Transfer Manager from Oxford University Innovation with us. Professor Xin Lu gave the welcome and Prof. Zhengming Chen gave the close marking.

Research speed dating is one of the key part of the whole celebration. Everyone had a 3-minute chat with the one sitting opposite before the sign of exchanging position. This one-hour activity helped us to familiar with each other, allowing us to talk with professors face to face and heart by heart, and to enjoy snacks and Tang-yuan together in this snow flurries night.

Dont worry if you unfortunately did not manage to attend! Let’s review these photos and let the memory recall.

Welcoming Speech

Research Speed Dating

Lucky Draw

Close marking——By Prof Zhengming Chen

Welcomes the continued attention to HiTECH!


The 1st China-UK HiTECH Innovation Conference – Related Report

China-UK HiSTAR Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, one of the largest innovation & entrepreneurship competitions in 2016 UK, hosted by China-UK HiTECH Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum, selected excellent projects from more than 300 high-tech projects covering healthcare, big data, artificial intelligence, material field. The projects selected earned high grants and domestic roadshow opportunities.

HiTECH selected 8 high-tech projects that were in urgent need of landing, and carried out roadshow in domestic cities, helping to identify investors for landing and incubating, to apply for maximum amount of subsidies from government, to achieve high-tech transformation, thus bringing more international high-end talents and high-tech projects into China.


On November 10th, the 1st China-UK HiTECH Innovation Conference was held in Zhejiang Hangzhou Overseas Talents Entrepreneurship Base. As a branch session of “2016 China-Hangzhou Global Talents Communication and Project Collaboration Conference”, it attracted more than 100 well-known guests from Hangzhou Binjiang District Government, domestic famous investment companies, technology-focused micro enterprises and top university institutions to enjoy the High-Tech feast.

The UK High-tech project teams performed the roadshow, and presented innovative technology in field of biomedical, social tourism, financial management and top international communication technology.

“HiTECH Private Investment Meeting” was held with the purpose of deep communication between project teams and investors. Well-known Cybernaut investors helped to invite public listed companies to improve project value.

HiTECH arranged the UK project teams to attend “2016 Changxing Sian Xihu Technology and Entrepreneurship Park for High-End Talents Conference”.

On November 14th, 2016, Guangxi-UK Innovation & Entrepreneurship Roadshow was successfully held in Nanning Zhongguan Village Innovation & Entrepreneurship Demonstration Area. Excellent project teams from UK HiSTAR competition participated the roadshow.