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China HiTECH Innovation conference




Date: Saturday the 25th of March 2017

Time: 8.45AM-5.30PM

Location: UCL (University College London)

                Christopher Ingold Building


HiTECH Innovation Forum (organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology UCEACPA) and Chinese Business Gazette Media were incredibly proud to hold the China HiTECH Innovation Conference on the 25th of March 2017. The day itself was a roaring success with 200 audiences ranging from a mix of entrepreneurs, students and working professionals. All united in their interest in the Chinese market and entrepreneurship and technology-based start-ups.

China is an incredibly attractive market for start-ups to break into. However, this market remains incredibly difficult to break into, particularly for foreigners who need to overcome cultural barriers as well as technical issues.

This conference presented the opportunities and challenges of entering the Chinese market at the current global dynamics. This conference illustrated the roadmap towards building a successful start-up in China by highlighting key issues that start-ups will face in the market.

The conference covered issues on:

1.Incubators in China and the UK and why you should consider signing up for one

L-R: Ms. Jasmine Jiang (Peak Group Global), Ms. Jennifer Zhang (Huadan Angel Investment), Mr Jiahao Sun (UIITech), Dr Jane Jin (Oxford University Innovation) & Dr Hongsen Peng (Techbridge Innovation)

2.Pound, RMB and all that: raising money for your start-up in China and the UK

L-R: Ms Ting Zhang (China Business Solutions), Ms Elyn Shen (Tenoke), Ms Shanshan Wang (EnsoVentures), Ms. Jasmine Jiang (Peak Group Global), Dr Jian Cao (RTC Innovation) & Ms. Jennifer Zhang (Huadan Angel Investment)

3.To patent or not to patent: IP, patents and the issues of fund-raising in China and the UK

L-R: Dr. Marco Morbidini (Marks & Clerk), Dr Yuzhou Yang (Dentons), Dr. Jason Teng

4.Making it in China: the highs and pitfalls of starting your business in China

Mr Biao Ding (CEO of CRRC (UK) Ltd) 

The panellist and speakers themselves are all distinguished and highly regarded in their respective fields, ranging from CEOs, academics from top universities, investors (angel & venture capital firms) and top business figures for what turned out to be a very informative and insightful day.


Pictures from the day:

Mr. Sunan Jiang (The Chinese Embassy in the UK)

L-R: Ying Wang (HiTECH Innovation Leeds) & Ting Zhang (China Business Solutions)

L-R: Katie Wu (HiTECH Innovation London) & Lawrence Kurowski (HiTECH Innovation Oxford)

Mrs. Yuling Du (CEO of Chinese Business Gazette Media)