Suzhou Wizlink Technology Transfer Co.,Ltd is a professional service organization committed to promoting international technology transfer by building an international collaboration platform to integrate technologies, intellectual property, finance and other key elements of global innovation.

Wizlink is committed to helping the UK’s innovation teams to understand China’s customers, enterprises, investors and government departments through technology incubation, fast implementation and scale solutions in China.

With their broad, global network and extensive resources, Wizlink devotes themselves to delivering professional services, including technology transfer, technology consulting, technology localization and technology commercialization. Their focus covers a range of fields, from biotech to chemical, energy and environmental technology, to new materials to medical equipment.

Sabrina Palme

Sabrina received her MBA from Hult International Business School, Shanghai. In the past, she worked in China, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Andre Quintanilha,

Andre received his MBA from Hult International Business School, Shanghai. His varied professional experience includes work in China, Brazil and the UK.

Ovando Carter

Ovando is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London and holds an MSc degree in physics and biomedical engineering.

Xuxin Mao

Xuxin is currently a lecturer in Construction Economics at University College London. Dr Mao holds a PhD degree in Finance from University of Glasgow.

Iris Anson

Iris founded Solely Original in 2014. Previously, she worked as tax consultant at Kinetic Partners. Iris graduated from University of Warwick.

Yue Cao

Yue is currently a lecturer in Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Northumbria University.. He received his PhD degree from University of Surrey in 2013, and further worked as Research Fellow until  2016