TOP 10

Tenoke has developed a software (SPACE) to automatically assess plaque vulnerability to predict the risk of stroke for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.

Vappy will make VAT refunds for tourists easy – no queues, more money back.

SoutWestSensor Limited (SWS) will develop wearable/portable chemical sensors to address the niche markets of mobile healthcare and environmental monitoring by providing realtime and continuous chemical monitoring from fluids.

Smart communication signal analyzer – a telecomm design and visualisation tool.

CustoMem provide biobased nanomembranes that capture & recycle micropollutants existing membranes cannot using low energy with a razor/razorblade business model.

From Green Glue to Green Boards – Building a greener China. is a rolling travel memoir that offers personalised travel recommendations based on your interests. We are, Illuminating Journeys.

The World’s First Self Stemming Groundbreaking Technology Patent Protected Worldwide.

Surgical mind is a Intelligent surgical robot with web base mixture reality interface, machine learning engine, and design optimization engine.

PlaqueChecker is an app that allows you to check and track the health of your teeth and gums through using a §smartphone camera.