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Leeds Internet Of Things (IoT) Forum (TBC)

Recent revolutions in Science and Technology along with Industrial Changes around the world has made The Internet Of Things (IoT) a vital component of modern emerging industries. Whether it is Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, or “digital production”, they are all closely linked with The Internet of Things. Thanks to the support and investments coming from numerous governments, the IoT has been further pushed to becoming the key to a green society, A.I., and sustainable development


As a society focusing on Scientific and Technological innovation, we find the popularization of the fundamentals of IoT in universities to be of great importance. We will lead university students to explore the development, effective uses, innovative applications and future of the Internet of Things. The goal of the event is for the students to understand the applications, significance and market trends of the Internet of Things.


The Forum will take place in University of Leeds in October 2018.With the goal of in-depth intercultural communication, this whole day event will start with an opening speech from a representative of the Chinese embassy. Then we will have keynote address sections with invited experts in this field.


Guest Speaker


Zhenhan Chen

General Manager of StarRui Aviation Technology Limited

Graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


  • More than ten years experience in the field of aerospace and electronic information
  • Miss.Chen has made the company participate and contribute in projects from China Electronic Technology Group and China Aviation Industry Group for many times.
  • She has successfully seized the market gap and launch the intelligent Internet of things gateway.
  • Realization of industrial field AI with minimum cost and enhance real-time data analysis and online task processing ability through integrating gateway function and AI acceleration technology and making full use of sensor data fusion and programmable features of FPGA.


  • In 2016 and 2017, the company won the “Shanghai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” award for two consecutive years, while the technical innovation project of the competition was supported by “Shanghai innovation fund.”




Upcoming event | World’s Top 50 Innovators from the Industries of the Future

World’s Top 50 Innovators from the Industries of the Future

by Codex – International Business Leaders Network

Date and Time

Wed, Sep 27, 2017, 8:00 AM –Fri, Sep 29, 2017, 7:00 PM BST


BT Auditorium
81 Newgate Street


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VICTOR HUGO once famously remarked: “No power on earth can resist an idea whose time has come.”

Since the Industrial Revolution, technology has played a unique role in powering growth and transforming economies. Catalysed by the internet, the pace of technological change and scientific progress is accelerating, creating new industries of the future.

We are inviting the scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are building the “Industries of the Future” in order to better understand where new wealth will be created, whilst also examining the impact of technology on economies and societies.

‘The World’s Top 50 Innovators from the Industries of the Future’ series is to be staged by Codex, at the BT Auditorium in London on 27th, 28th and 29th September 2017.

Industries of the Future will include:

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Genomics and Digital Health
Big Data
3D and 4D Printing
New Energy Technologies
Blockchain Technologies and Digital Money
Space Technologies
Virtual and Augmented Reality

This will be a global event with distinguished speakers from across the world.
View the full 3 day agenda and all confirmed speakers:

Confirmed speakers will include:

Dr. John M. Sankovic, Glenn Research Center, Chief Technologist, NASA
Dr. Douglas Terrier, Chief Technologist, NASA
Paul Stein, Chief Technology Officer, Rolls-Royce
Naveen Jain, Executive Chairman, Moon Express
Amir Khosrowshahi, Chief Technology Officer, Artificial Intelligence, Intel
Neha Palmer, Head of Energy Strategy and Global Infrastructure, Google
Patrick Wood, CEO, Surrey Satellite Technology
Dr Simon Thompson, Head of Practice, Big Data and Customer Experience, BT
Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO, Azuri Technologies
Caroline Hargrove, Technical Director, McLaren Formula 1
Lawrence Orsini, CEO, LO3 Energy
Gordon Sanghera, CEO, Oxford Nanopore Technologies
Dr Graciela Chichilnisky, CEO, Global Thermostat
Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Big Data Expert, Master of Jesus College, Oxford
Rich Walker, CEO, Shadow Robot
Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer, F-Secure
Nicole Egan, CEO, Darktrace
Danny Lopez,COO, Blippar
William McMaster, Head of VR, Visualise
Dr Mirko Kovac, Director, Ariel Robotics Lab, Imperial College London


A Codex Talk is a concise presentation, lasting 15 minutes (or less), in which the speaker addresses a challenging question faced by their technology or industry today and ends with a bold prediction for the future.

Codex talks are engaging, entertaining and elucidating. They give the audience something they can walk away with: valuable insights, actionable information, fresh perspectives, and renewed optimism.

Lead sponsors will include BT. Media Partners will include Harvard Business Review and Asian Lite
We look forward to welcoming you to what is shaping up to be one of the most thought-provoking technology events of 2017.

Demand for this event is high. Register today to enjoy early-bird delegate rates.


China HiTECH Innovation conference




Date: Saturday the 25th of March 2017

Time: 8.45AM-5.30PM

Location: UCL (University College London)

                Christopher Ingold Building


HiTECH Innovation Forum (organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology UCEACPA) and Chinese Business Gazette Media were incredibly proud to hold the China HiTECH Innovation Conference on the 25th of March 2017. The day itself was a roaring success with 200 audiences ranging from a mix of entrepreneurs, students and working professionals. All united in their interest in the Chinese market and entrepreneurship and technology-based start-ups.

China is an incredibly attractive market for start-ups to break into. However, this market remains incredibly difficult to break into, particularly for foreigners who need to overcome cultural barriers as well as technical issues.

This conference presented the opportunities and challenges of entering the Chinese market at the current global dynamics. This conference illustrated the roadmap towards building a successful start-up in China by highlighting key issues that start-ups will face in the market.

The conference covered issues on:

1.Incubators in China and the UK and why you should consider signing up for one

L-R: Ms. Jasmine Jiang (Peak Group Global), Ms. Jennifer Zhang (Huadan Angel Investment), Mr Jiahao Sun (UIITech), Dr Jane Jin (Oxford University Innovation) & Dr Hongsen Peng (Techbridge Innovation)

2.Pound, RMB and all that: raising money for your start-up in China and the UK

L-R: Ms Ting Zhang (China Business Solutions), Ms Elyn Shen (Tenoke), Ms Shanshan Wang (EnsoVentures), Ms. Jasmine Jiang (Peak Group Global), Dr Jian Cao (RTC Innovation) & Ms. Jennifer Zhang (Huadan Angel Investment)

3.To patent or not to patent: IP, patents and the issues of fund-raising in China and the UK

L-R: Dr. Marco Morbidini (Marks & Clerk), Dr Yuzhou Yang (Dentons), Dr. Jason Teng

4.Making it in China: the highs and pitfalls of starting your business in China

Mr Biao Ding (CEO of CRRC (UK) Ltd) 

The panellist and speakers themselves are all distinguished and highly regarded in their respective fields, ranging from CEOs, academics from top universities, investors (angel & venture capital firms) and top business figures for what turned out to be a very informative and insightful day.


Pictures from the day:

Mr. Sunan Jiang (The Chinese Embassy in the UK)

L-R: Ying Wang (HiTECH Innovation Leeds) & Ting Zhang (China Business Solutions)

L-R: Katie Wu (HiTECH Innovation London) & Lawrence Kurowski (HiTECH Innovation Oxford)

Mrs. Yuling Du (CEO of Chinese Business Gazette Media)


HiTECH Newsletter – The 2017 NE China-Business forum

The annual North-East (NE) China Business Forum is well known for its exciting high level talks on innovation collaboration between China and North-East UK. This year is no exception, where numerous thought provoking high-level talks were presented by eminent keynote speakers and entrepreneurs to a diverse group of audiences from government, industry, businesses and academia.

Of interest, were talks by Hexis Lab’s tech manager, Dr. Glen Kemp on use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to screen and develop new healthcare products, as well as talks by Chinese Embassy’s Minister Counsellor in Science and Technology, Sunan Jiang, on introducing insightful recent development and market trends in China. Perhaps unsurprisingly to many, the latter talk further highlighted the tremendous broad scope of developmental areas ranging from manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare, digital media, rural transformation, aerospace technology to material science, agrotechnology, artificial intelligence and HiSpeed Rail, where innovation is in high demand and opportunities are rife.

Other interesting talks included those by the Chair of Soil machine dynamic’s Andrew Hodgson, who highlighted how China and UK could bolster collaboration by fostering better education programs to promote stronger and better mutual understanding of the Chinese-UK culture. Andrew, alongside Professor George Marston (Pro-vice chancellor of research and innovation of Northumbria university) and Professor John Wilson (Pro-vice chancellor of Northumbria University), have further given an inspiring presentation on the role of North-East (NE) UK universities in strengthening Chinese-UK collaboration, and how higher education of NE-UK universities can be further improved to enable this in an increasingly globalised world.

Another key event highlight is the sheer number of organizations, each with their own unique idea and method of fostering and enabling China-UK collaboration. These include a London-based incubation centre called Cocoon Networks, which aims to offers UK based entrepreneurs end-to-end advisory services (i.e. on fundraising, legal, mentoring, expansion strategies, IP management) to assist them in breaking into the China market. Similarly, the Chinese association of international exchange also announced the running of the largest international exchange program in ShenZhen city in late 2017, where over 1000 organisations involved with UK-China collaboration on various level will be present. Perhaps more intriguingly, is TsingHua University Science Park (TUS)’s vision and long term goal to leverage the strength of its currently established incubation centre to help transform its local surroundings into a science city.  

In addition to the talks, the forum also offered ample networking opportunity for attendants to speak with the presenters to explore further potential scope for collaboration. In summary, the NE China forum has highlighted key themes focusing on NE UK-China collaborations on both the market and technology front, and in the process, gave its audiences a much better understanding of the current business and R&D environmental surrounding current parallel developments in both NE-UK and China.


Leeds Recruitment Fair of Beihang University

On 28th February 2017, Leeds Recruitment Fair of Beihang University took place at Leeds University. The event was organized by Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Biomedical Engineering and relevant schools and co-organized by HiTECH Innovation Forum Leeds Branch and Leeds CAAS Association. The event was held by Professor Lijun Xu, Dean of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering, Professor Jianwei Liu, Party Secretary of School of Electronic Engineering, Professor Weifeng Lv, Dean of School of Computer Sciences and Professor Baoqing Pei, Vice Dean of School of Biological Engineering. The event attracted nearly 50 Chinese academics and research students from Leeds, Sheffield and York to join.

Professor Lijun Xu showed the attendees with a documentary to showcase the long history and promising future of Beihang University. He further introduced the policy of four types of young talents and “one-hundred great minds.” He also elaborated in detail the subject and talents development of the School. Professor Pei explained the updated research fruits of biological engineering, biological medicine and medicine robots and future prospects of the related subjects. He also introduced Beihang University Vision Forum for International Young Scholars. Professor Liu introduced the subjects’ development and research appliances of the School of Electronic Engineering with humorous manner and explains the integration and security in the research. Professor Lv explained in detail the academic group, development and talents intake policy of the School of Computing Sciences. The event concluded with a close interactive talk.

The excellent academia and students to participate into the events include Dr. Li Zhang, Associate Professor of School of Electronics Engineering, Miss. Ying Wang, President of HiTECH Innovation Forum Leeds Branch and Mr. Junfan Lin, President of Leeds CAAS Association.

The successful Leeds Recruitment Fair of Beihang University not only showcased the top-notched academic staff, research platform and talents introduction that Beihang University boasts. It also inspired Leeds University students to move toward successful careers.


Upcoming Event | China HiTECH Innovation Conference

Time: 8.45am – 5.30pm  March 25, 2017

Location: UCL, Christopher Ingold Building




8:45 Registration opens

9:45 Welcome from hosts

· Katie Wu/Sorsby Chen (HiTECH)

9:50 Opening Speech

· Mrs Yuling Du (CEO of Hua Shang Bao)

9:55 Speech from the Chinese Embassy — Mass Enterpreneurship and Innovation in China

· Sunan Jiang (The Chinese Embassy in the UK)

10:10 Incubators in China and the UK and why you should consider signing up for one

· Dr. Hongsen Peng (Techbridge Innovation)

· Jennifer Zhang (Bay West Accelerator)

· Jiahao Sun (UiiTech)

· Jane Jin (Oxford University Innovation)

· Moderator: Jasmine Jiang (Peak Group Global)

11:25 Coffee break;informal poster presentations 

entrepreneurs who took part in the HiSTAR roadshows in 2016 (names TBC)

11:55 Pound, RMB and all that: raising money for your start-up in China and  the UK

· Dr. Jian Cao (RTC Innovation)

· Jennifer Zhang (Huadan Angel Investment)

· Shanshan Wang (EnsoVentures)

· Elyn Shen (Tenoke)

· Jasmine Jiang (Peak Group Global)

· Moderator: Ting Zhang (China Business Solutions)

13:10 Business lunch

14:40 To patent or not to patent: IP, patents and the issues of fund-raising in China and the UK

· Yang Yuzhou (Dentons)

· Jason Teng (PotterClarkson)

· Moderator: Marco Morbidini (Marks & Clerk)

15:30 Coffee break – informal poster presentations entrepreneurs who took  part in the HiSTAR roadshows in 2016 (names TBC)

16:00 (Keynote) Making it in China: the highs and pitfalls of starting your business in China

· Biao Ding (CEO of CRRC (UK) Ltd)

16:45 Introduction to The HiSTAR Competition

· Lina Guo & Dr Wei Gan

16:55 Closing remarks

· Prof. Tang (Henley Business School)

17:10 Farewell from the organisers

· Lawrence Kurowski (HiTECH)


Main Speakers:

Mr Sunan Jiang

Mr. Sunan JIANG is the Minister Counsellor for Science and Technology, the Chinese Embassy in the UK. He has been dedicated to Science and Technology management and international scientific and technological exchange and cooperation over the years. From 1994 to 2015, Mr. JIANG worked successively as Second Secretary for Science and Technology in the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, Consul (First Secretary) for Science and Technology in Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, Director in the Department of International Cooperation, Director and then Deputy Director General in the Department of Personnel of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.


Mr Biao Ding

CEO, China Railway Rolling Stock Corporate (UK) Ltd. Mr. Ding works as General Manager at CRRC UK Limited and is heading CRRC’s Europe infrastructure market strategy and regional policy development. Previously he was the Global EPC Head at CSR Corporation Ltd., managing EPC projects over 35 countries. Mr. Ding has 13 years of multinational project management experience.  Mr. Ding had also involved in M&A project in E+M in Germany in 2013. He covered the area of Due Diligence,operational management and transfer of technology process etc. during the transaction.


Professor Yinshan Tang

Professor Yinshan Tang is a Professor in Management Informatics at Henley Business School who teaches IT Project Management, Applied Informatics, Organisation Design and Performance Management at MSc level for over 10 years. He had industry experience working for a business consulting firm as a Business Unit Manager for 6 years before coming to Reading in 2004. He worked as a Parasitologist for over 17 years.

Dr. Hongsen Peng

Dr. Hongsen Peng is the co-founder and CEO of TechBridge Innovation (TBI), a spin-out company of RTC Innovation. TBI possesses close collaborative relationship with UK university innovation centers, incubators, accelerators and venture capitals which offering financial advisory and media support services to startups and entrepreneurs. Dr. Peng is also the co-founder of HiTECH Innovation Forum and the famous 2016 HiSTAR Competition. He possesses rich work experience in technology transfer,incubators and venture capitals investments in both UK and China. He had previously worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Oxford University (2015-2016) after being awarded a DPhil Degree in Biomedical Sciences from University of Leeds in 2014.

Dr. Jian Cao

With a multidisciplinary background in Accounting & Finance from Tianjin University of Commerce (BSc), Computer Science from the University of Birmingham (MSc) and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Birmingham (PhD), Jian Cao founded RTC Innovation Ltd in 2009 and plays leading roles in technology transfer and forming technology-based spin-outs. Before establishing RTC Innovation, Jian worked as a research fellow at the University of Birmingham. Jian has been involved in research since 2002, working for companies like Corus (UK), Israel Aircraft Industries, IMRA (Japan), and Shougang Research Institute of Technology (China).   After graduating from his first degree in China in 1998, Jian worked as accountant for China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Jian has made and led in 10 venture capital investments in the past 5 years and secured around £15m. it include in Oxford Multi Spectral Ltd, Oxford Vacmedix Ltd, OxEML, Oxford PV, 3D Engine Ltd, Silicon Fuel Ltd, Oxsight Ltd etc. He currently sits on the Board of Directors in the most of spun out / start-up companies. Jian is also CEO of China Tea Culture Ltd in Oxford to bridge culture, innovation and investment opportunities between China and UK.

Ms Jasmine Jiang

Jiang graduated from University of Cambridge with Mphil Degree in Real  Estate Finance.  She holds two highly recognised professional qualifications –  Charted Accountant (CA) and Charted Member of Institution of Securities and Investment (MCSI). She has more than 16 years experiences in Finance; especially in UK-China business. She has previously worked in world-famous investment banks (including JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley), Asset Management companies and Private Equities in London. She is now Chief Executive of Peak One (Peak Group Global) and President of University of Cambridge Chinese Entrepreneurs Club. They  specialise in cross-border (especially UK-China) cooperation in Finance, Trade, Hi-tech, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, Sports,Media, Arts and Cultural exchange. She is also columnist for People’s Daily Online and BBC.


Ms Jie Zhang

A serial entrepreneur, angel investor and champion of entrepreneurship. She is a co-founder of Getui, a leading big data company in China. Ms Zhang is also chief executive officer at Huadan Angel Investment, where she manages a portfolio of 30+ companies, mostly in the TMT area. She also runs the Bay West Accelerator in Dream Town, Hangzhou. Ms Zhang holds a liberal arts degree from Zhejiang University.

Ms Ting Zhang

Founder and CEO of China Business Solutions, a leading China specialist firm offering a wide range of tailored advisory and support services. Ms Zhang has 20+ years of experience advising UK companies on doing business in China. She is also involved with Prime Ventures, a leading European VC. Ms Zhang holds an MBA from University of Cambridge.


Mr Jiahao Sun

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence expert. Recognised by the UK Home Office as an Exceptional Talent in this field, Jiahao co-founded UiiTech Ltd, an Artificial Intelligence start-up focused on digital marketing. He was also the Chief Data Scientist at TypeScore before joining RBC. Mr Sun holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Oxford.


Dr Jane Jin

Licensing and Ventures Manager at Oxford University Innovation, the leading UK university innovation centre and start-up accelerator. Dr Jin focuses on commercializing Oxford University’s research through licensing and creating spin-out companies. She previously worked at an innovation consultancy at Cambridge, where she helped global companies identify and evaluate market opportunities across a range of industries. She holds a PhD in Chemistry from University of Cambridge.


Ms Elyn Shen

Founder and CEO of Tenoke, a biotech start-up that revolutionises stroke and cardiovascular disease prevention. An experienced entrepreneur, Dr Shen she won the first prize in the 2016 HiSTAR Competition as well as several other prestigious start-up prizes. She is a veteran fundraiser, having secured significant funding for her company from Chinese VCs. Dr Shen holds an MPhil from University of Cambridge.

Dr Jason Teng

A patent attorney at PotterClarkson, Dr Jason Teng provides legal advice on intellectual property matters with particular expertise in design and engineering. Dr Tang holds a PhD in Engineering from University of Birmingham. Potter Clarkson LLP is one of Europe’s foremost firms of patent and trade mark attorneys, advising clients around the globe on intellectual property rights in biotechnology, chemistry, engineering, computing and related areas.


Mr. Yuzhou Yang

Has extensive experience in representing foreign companies in intellectual property law. Mr. Yang specializes in the mechanical and electronic industry. He has extensive experience dealing with Samsung Electronics LCD for more than 50 cases. Dentons is the world’s largest law firm measured by number of lawyers and has offices in 57 countries around the world.


Dr Shanshan Wang

Biotech portfolio manger at EnsoVentures, a venture capital firm focused on early stage pharma projects with headquarters in New York and office in London. Dr Wang has broad industry research experience with BMI and Reuters Life Sciences and holds a PhD in Pharmacology from University of Cambridge University.