Leeds Internet Of Things (IoT) Forum (TBC)

Recent revolutions in Science and Technology along with Industrial Changes around the world has made The Internet Of Things (IoT) a vital component of modern emerging industries. Whether it is Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, or “digital production”, they are all closely linked with The Internet of Things. Thanks to the support and investments coming from numerous governments, the IoT has been further pushed to becoming the key to a green society, A.I., and sustainable development


As a society focusing on Scientific and Technological innovation, we find the popularization of the fundamentals of IoT in universities to be of great importance. We will lead university students to explore the development, effective uses, innovative applications and future of the Internet of Things. The goal of the event is for the students to understand the applications, significance and market trends of the Internet of Things.


The Forum will take place in University of Leeds in October 2018.With the goal of in-depth intercultural communication, this whole day event will start with an opening speech from a representative of the Chinese embassy. Then we will have keynote address sections with invited experts in this field.


Guest Speaker


Zhenhan Chen

General Manager of StarRui Aviation Technology Limited

Graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


  • More than ten years experience in the field of aerospace and electronic information
  • Miss.Chen has made the company participate and contribute in projects from China Electronic Technology Group and China Aviation Industry Group for many times.
  • She has successfully seized the market gap and launch the intelligent Internet of things gateway.
  • Realization of industrial field AI with minimum cost and enhance real-time data analysis and online task processing ability through integrating gateway function and AI acceleration technology and making full use of sensor data fusion and programmable features of FPGA.


  • In 2016 and 2017, the company won the “Shanghai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” award for two consecutive years, while the technical innovation project of the competition was supported by “Shanghai innovation fund.”




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